Calling #CelticsHockeyNation!

It’s time to show off our community hockey pride in ‘Blue & Gold’ at the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour!

Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour is returning to St. John’s on October 19-20 (Dominion Memorial Market location) and the Parade of Champions will take place on Sunday evening at 7:30 in advance of the live broadcast hosted by Tara Slone and Ron MacLean.

We appreciate it’s early in our season and teams are still being formed, but please talk this up among your fellow hockey families and rally to King George V field by 7:15 PM on Sunday.  Let’s  show the rest of Canada that St. John’s is a great hockey town!

AMHA will continue to share any updates on the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour and we encourage everyone to get out and enjoy this great event.

Full details are contained in this document; St. John’s Parade One Pager

Go Celtics Go!