Try Hockey For Free! With Avalon Celtics Minor Hockey Club

Avalon Minor Hockey Association is pleased to host 'Try Hockey For Free' sessions!

We are inviting new players who attend our zoned schools ( to register for our April 2024 sessions. Our program provides an opportunity to try a great team sport in a welcoming, informal setting at no cost.

April 16: 5-6 PM
April 17: 5-6 PM
April 20: 9-10 AM
April 21: 9-10 AM

We have a defined capacity for these sessions and registration will close once filled. We plan to offer additional programs in fall 2024 prior to start of regular season programs.

Compliments of the NHLPA Goals and Dreams Program and Bauer Hockey, a number of new gear sets will be available for these sessions. Players receiving new gear sets to try out can have them to keep upon registering in Fall 2024. We also have a selection of donated gear available for this program.

Please direct inquiries to

Submit your registration via this online form;
Thank you for your interest in hockey and the Avalon Celtics!