Meeting Invite
Topics: AMHA-Caps Boundary Agreement Issues & AMHA Financial Strategy
Date: Wednesday, October 18 2023
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: The Capital Hotel, Salon C

Greetings #CelticsHockeyNation,

Thanks to all who attended our AGM.  Meeting was well attended and had lively discussion on several important topics.  2023 AGM documents are posted here;

During the meeting, AMHA’s President, Mark Sexton, provided an update on the 1996 AMHA:St John’s Caps (SJMHA) Boundary Agreement and highlighted past efforts to work directly with Caps Executive to review / modify the outdated Agreement.  The Agreement is posted on our site here;

AMHA’s objectives for change include; i) update the Boundary Agreement to reflect current organizations; ii) update gender language; and iii) remove school based boundary system in favor of a residencial address based system to allocate City of St. John’s minor hockey players.  Mr. Sexton further reported that AMHA appealed successfully to Hockey NL’s President and Minor Council Chair to facilitate a meeting between AMHA and SJMHA to review options and improve the Boundary Agreement.  This meeting is pending.

Concerns were raised at AGM that AMHA should not be pursuing revisions to Boundary Agreement and suggested an alternative that AMHA should fold into SJMHA or complete some other form of a merger with SJMHA.  Meeting attendees commented on rumors that merger talks were already underway, however, this was confirmed as false.  The ensuing discussion would have consumed the AGM, so AMHA Executive committed to host an alternate meeting time to continue the discussion.

In addition, the financial report and current challenges facing AMHA generated discussion and idea suggestions on fund-raising and revenue generation.  We will address these topics during the meeting as well.

We encourage all members to join us at this meeting to share their views and discuss an important topic for our Association.  Questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to