Please see below for U15A Final Roster Selections! Thank you to all players for their interest in our All-Star Program!

Players who are released from tryouts will be placed in our Rec Program. Please visit the Recreational Program post for U15 to see which group you are in for evaluation sessions this weekend. For players released after Fridays Skate, their names will be added to a U15 Recreation group evaluation for Saturday October 8, and Sunday October 9.

Luke Pearcey
Jack Drover

Grant Bennett
Adam Gardner
Alex Mcgrath
Andrew Pearcey
Seth Hyde
Finlay Mcgrath
Isaac Whalen
Luke Holden
Logan Mahon

Coles Jackman
Nick Winters
Zachary Bourgeois
Matthew Earle
George Parmiter
Simon Shannahan

AP Players will be named at a later date.

Please direct any questions to Justin Clark,