Greetings #CelticsHockeyNation!

We wanted to take this time to thank all players, family members, and supporters for a fantastic hockey season!  A season unique in so many ways and one we will never forget!

AMHA thanks all involved for supporting our efforts to grow our club and develop #OurBarn.  We thank all our sponsors as well for contributing generously to our efforts to transform the Barn!

This weekend and the next 3 weeks will represent ‘Peak Hockey’ in Metro as we emerge from the pandemic to a more normal environment.  There is a lot of hockey and excitement in all rinks.  We appreciate and encourage high energy and celebrations and want to remind all teams and players of our policy on electronic devices in locker rooms.  In particular, the use of recording devices in locker rooms and washroom areas is not permitted.  Link is here;

On that note, have got a deal for you!  We always encourage kids and teams to celebrate their achievements, especially post-game recognitions.  We have worked with a very generous sponsor, Quikprint Services Limited (thank you Paul Currie, Quikprint owner and Uber-Celtics-Hockey-Dad), to create a ‘Photo Booth’ in the rink – see image below!  We encourage everyone to use the Photo Booth to capture their post-game celebrations and recognitions in a convenient and professional backdrop.  Not a bad spot for that Pro Look Profile picture too!

We wish all teams and players still playing in playoffs, tournaments, and HNL Provincials the best of luck!  Go forth and represent your Nation and make sure you have fun in the process.

Go Celtics Go!