Greetings #CelticsHockeyNation!


As you are all most likely aware, Monday, March 14 is a new normal for NL as Public Health lifts all remaining COVID-19 restrictions.

AMHA and DF Barnes Arena have diligently followed all Public Health Guidelines and guidance from Hockey NL since the onset of this pandemic.  We will continue to follow their advice and guidance.

To that end, effective Monday, March 14th, the following changes will be implemented:
  1. Mandatory mask wearing is no longer required for players, coaches, and spectators.  However, mask wearing is strongly encouraged.
  2. NL VaxPass will no longer be required to participate in activities at DF Barnes or to attend as a spectator.

COVID-19 will still be with us for some time to come. What is changing on March 14 is how we will live with the virus moving forward.  We will continue to practice proper hygiene and cleaning at the rink and strongly encourage you to continue mask wearing.

We have been living with some form of pandemic restrictions for close to two years. As we transition to a new normal and restrictions are lifted, you and your families have the power to make your own decisions and risk assessments based on your situation. 

We are all frustrated with how long this has lasted and we all just want things to fully return to normal. However, as people make their own decisions, we must respect each other’s choices and rights. 

#CelticsHockeyNation, thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time.