Here are the Practice Groups for the Avalon Celtics U9 Division. Please be advised that your child has been placed in a PRACTICE GROUP and will be also placed on a TEAM in the next few week. If your child’s name has been omitted from this list please email us to be added!

The Practice groups will be scheduled for the first week of the season and then run every Saturday afterwords. At that point in the season (beginning November 14th) we will then play Games on Sundays with the Teams. The Practice group times for Saturdays will always any the same at either 9:45 or 10:45. Games will rotate Sunday morning at either 9:00 or 10:00. Please note that there are a few weekends over the course of the entire year that there will be no Sunday ice time.

We will not accommodate any changes to the Practice Groups. We reserve the right to change teams if we feel it is in the best interest of everyone to help balance them for game play. This will be initiated at the association level and not by parent requests. We have simply been overwhelmed with requests for player to play with one another and cannot accommodate these unfortunately.

TEAM CANADA PRACTICE GROUP (Saturday at 9:45 with exceptions posted below)

Sunday Oct.31 – 10:00

Rachel Martin

Chole Basha

Daniel Walsh

Jack Noseworthy

Ari Rowe

Meredith Loucka

Liam Hunt

Carter Sturge

Patrick Doyle

Connor Greene

Lewis Martino

Marcus Davidson

John McGrath

Alexander Dove

Rory Mullowney

Nate Mullowney

Charles Blackie

Charlie Martin

Seamus Hogan

George Follett

Thomas Fagan

Andrew Whelan

Cameron Barnes

James MacKinnon

Charlotte Payne

Ameila Armstrong

Zachary Caddigan

Thomas O’Brien

Ryan Carew

Elliott Stanley

Jack Perry

TEAM USA PRACTICE GROUP (Saturdays at 10:45 with exceptions posted below)

Sunday Oct.31 – 9:00

Huzayfa Almilli

Ryan Gill

Will Blackwood

Ty Kaposy

William Metcalfe

Archer Reynolds

Oisin Griffiths

Colin Smith

Ben Tizzard

Jax Lawlor

Grady Malone

William Bursey

Brady Mackey

Thomas Misik

Elliot Montbourquette

Norah Wheeler

Mitchell Sullivan

Frances Hawkswell

Benjamin Fahey

Blake Chaytor

James Barrett

Georgia Cavanagh

Thomas Anderson

Andrew Johnston

Corey Branton

Iris Parker Charles

William Lewis

Burgess Doyle

Jack Morrison

Sarah Cahill

The teams for Sunday games will be posted in the next week.