Here are the teams for this years Avalon Celtics U18 recreational division. For not the teams will play each other each week but we are actively working on other game options for these teams.

Here is the schedule for the first two weeks of games. These will also be eventually uploaded into the Team Snap system.

Monday Oct.25 – 8:00 – The Chelios Collective vs. Marchand Band

Tuesday Oct.26 – 6:00 – Marchand Band vs. Check Republic

Wednesday Oct.27 – 8:30 – Check Republic vs. The Chelios Collective

The Chelios Collective
Kade Kingsley
Ben Barnes
Charlie Thoms
Sam Pearce
Jacob McGrath
Dylan Levandier
Josh Kelly
Eric Butt (forward)
Conor Dinn
Sean Fitzpatrick
Liam French
Oliver Manning
Anakin Noordhof
Thomas Jackman
Jesse Vinicombe
Jacob Skinner
Sam Ledrew
Coach – Paul McGrath

Check Republic
Harrison Hiscock
Samson Argentino
Peter Whelan
Matias Beresford
Joseph Malone
Owen McGrath
Eric Butt (Defence)
Nathan Ollerhead
Ryan Holwell
Connor Sullivan
Luke Sullivan
Mathieu Nossereau
Alex Taylor
Aaron Piercey
Stephen Colford
Emmett Cochran
Evan Boland
Coach – Glen Sullivan

Marchand Band
Gavin Murphy
Lucas Lee
Sam Power
Tyler Hayley
Liam King
Matthew Aylward
Griffin McGrath
Zach Adams
Jonathan Whitten
Sam White
Liam Davis
Finbar Browne
Ben Roberts
Carrie Milks
Seb Milord
Malcolm Husic
Matthew Kane
Connor Pearce
Coach – Ron Whitten and Alex Kane