Here are the teams for this years Avalon Celtics Recreational U11,13 and 15 Divisions. Please note the times for this weekends practices. Be sure to check the IHL website for the schedule for games for your respective teams!!

By Thursday evening we will have all teams established in the TeamSnap system and practices will be posted exclusively in the app going forward, ie. no more checking web site!

If by chance your name is not listed here please contact us by email to be added to a team and we will do so ASAP!!

U13 Division

Capital Subaru Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 3:15
John Doyle
Peter Doyle
James Tobin
Jack Tilley
Solomon Barrett
Ryan Pearcey
Myles McFadyen
Cooper Osmond
Josh Adams
Duncan Coldwell
Jaxon Roach
Aiden Smith
Coaches – Chris Smith and Mike Doyle

Genesis Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 4:15
Thomas Webb
Anna Heffernan
Macy Sexton
Liam Hedderson
Raj Sanchetti
Nicholas Prowse
Gabe Shik
Jonathan Czarnuch
Nate Czarnuch
Ava Mongiat Kelly
Lucca Mongiat Kelly
Grant Bennett
Ciara Griffiths
Kohen Hacket
Coaches – Bill Hedderson

Mini St.John’s Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 4:15
Tanner Winsor
Adam McDonald
Henry Pearce
Luke Williams
Matt Williams
Aiden Benson
James Walsh
Andy Milord
Aiden Goodyear
Joey Binetti
Jack Coady
Thomas Hickey
Gavin O’Brien
Preston Kelly
Coach – Rod Walsh

Capital Collision Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 3:15
Kallium Alloway
Jacob Wall
EJ Rogers
Blake Smith
Coles Jackman
Nathaniel Purchase
Nicholas Hounsell
Gavin Walsh
Max Dove
Gabriel Colbert
Skyler Hawco
Logan Lake
Kaden Maloney
Nathan Lake
Coach – John Colbert

U11 Division 

BMW St.John’s Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 2:15
Ronan Leonard
James Mccarthy
Nicholas Lynch
Charlie Doyle
James Johnston
Bridget Smith
Megan McKenna
Ned Grimes
Gavin Bean
Charlie Follett
Cale Loucka
Isaac Lush
Taylor Wight
Ben Earle
Coaches – Chris Smith and Mike Doyle

Capital Auto Centre Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 2:15
Kobe Ball
Clark Hierlihy
Zach Crawford
William Dove
Andrew Webb
Sarah McGrath
Harrison Martin
Ruby Crocker
Joel Roberts
Ben McGrath
Xavier Montbourquette
George Hodder
Brady Nordhof
Lily Batson
Cale McKay
Coach – Tim Hierlihy

Capital Hyundai Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 1:15
Cameron Lake
Bryn Martinec
Rex Maguire
Luke Piccott
Seamus Griffiths
Patrick Tizzard
Spencer Davis
Fintan Warren
Jacob McDonald
Hank Parker Charles
Duncan Cavanagh
Miles Piercey
Sam Schwartz
Jax Harris
Coach – Rob Piccott

Capital Mitsubishi Celtics – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 1:15
Maxim Kean
Jacob Hayley
Sam O’Neil
Bryden Stanley
Jonah Galimberti
Tim Carnell
Graelyn Alloway
Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Bartlett
Masoud Ahmad
Nolan Dyke
Alexander Yang
Cameron Currie
Riley Heffernan
Bennett Galimberti
Cameron Dale
Coach – Joseph Galimberti and Ryan Armstrong

U15 Division

Celtics Destroyers – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 5:15
Rilynne Oliver
Chris Heath
Jack Thoms
Kyle Dobbin
Hunter Lambert
Sam Beckett
Declan Flanagan
Tanner Newman
Gavin Kearley
Hudson Wight
Zach Bourgeios
Adrian Warren
Jack Drover
Coaches – Dale Kearley and Bill Hedderson

Avalon Attack – Practice Saturday Oct.23 @ 5:15

Michael Flynn
Michael Healey
Ryan Coffin
Seth Hyde
Isaac Whelan
Gavin Matthews
Ben Matthews
Brady Coombs
Aiden Noftall
Lochlan Colbert
Peter Lush
Luke Pearcey
Hunter Dalley
Coaches – John Colbert and Steve Dalley