The Avalon Celtics U13 Recreational Program will begin this weekend at the Feildian Gardens. Posted below are the groups and times for this weekends evaluation skates. Teams will be selected for next weekend. The Celtics teams will compete in the IHL for the upcoming season of play!!

If you have registered for the U13 and your name has been omitted please contact us by email to be added to the list!

Saturday Oct.16 – Practices

Group One – 3:15

Group Two – 4:15

Sunday Oct.17 – Scrimmages

Group One – 2:00

Group Two – 3:00

Group One

Jack Coady

Tanner Winsor

Thomas Hickey

Ciara Griffiths

Blake Smith

Adam McDonald

Aiden Goodyear

Gabriel Colbert

Skyler Hawco

Ava Kelly

Lucca Kelly

Grant Bennett

Ryan Pearcey

Nathaniel Purchase

Duncan Coldwell

Henry Pearce

Myles McFadyen Newman

Solomon Barrett

Aiden Goodyear

Gavin Walsh

Nicholas Hounsell

Coles Jackman

Callum MacDonald

Aiden Smith

Gavin O’Brien

Group Two

Peter Doyle

John Doyle

Jaxon Roach

Josh Adams

Cooper Osmond

Logan Lake

Gabriel Shik

Joey Binetti

EJ Rogers

Max Dove

Jack Tilley

Josh Adams

Luke Williams

Matt Williams

Thomas Webb

James Walsh

Macy Sexton

Raj Sanchetti

Aiden Benson

Andy Milord

Liam Hedderson

Nicholas Prowse

James Tobin

Nathan Lake

Kaden Maloney