The Avalon Celtics U11 and U13 Recreational Program is set to begin this weekend. The groups and times for this division will not be posted until Thursday evening here on this website under this same news posting. At that time this posting will be updated to reflect the names for groups and times.

However, to help with planning for schedules for players we can release the times that will be used for this weekend.

U11 will take place twice on Sunday Oct.17. The names for the groups once again will be posted sometime Thursday evening.

Group One will be Sunday at 9:00 and 4:00 while Group Two for U11 will skate at 10:00 and 5:00.

U13 will take place on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th. The times on Saturday are at 3:15 or 4:15 while the Sunday times will be 2:00 or 3:00.

Once again, the lists for players and groups will be posted on Thursday evening. If you name has been omitted from the group please contact Steve Power by email at