The following players have been selected to continue onto the final try out for the Avalon Celtics U-15 All Star team. This final skate will take place on Wednesday Oct. 15 at 5:30. Players that have been released will be automatically placed into the recreational program lists that will be posted later this week.

Team White
Andrew Squires
Alex Roberts
Jake Holden
Theo Noseworthy
Jack Thoms
Connor Kelly
Nick Pine
Tory Horwood
Zach Bourgeois
Jack Lewis

Team Blue
Elliott Peters
Leah Quinlan
Simon Shannahan
Aiden Noftall
Aiden Boland Cashin
Andrew Pearcey
Brady Coombs
Logan Mahon
Seth Hyde
Cole Hynes

Goalies and Rotation
Luke McGrath – 1st Period Blue and 3rd Period White
Luke Pearcey – 2nd Period White and 3rd Period Blue
Aiden Douglas – 1st Period White and 2nd Period Blue