Here are the teams and times for the first ever Avalon Celtics 3 vs 3 Christmas Classic tournament!! All game are thirty minute run time games. These games are played half ice and two games will run the same time. Referees will keep score and all penalties will be penalty shots. If a Major penalty occurs the officials will be instructed to remove the player from the game. Players are encouraged to bring their own water bottles for all games!! There will be prizes for the top two teams that make the championship game!!

The cost for each player is $40.00!! Please make sure this is paid to your coach at your first game of the tournament!!!

Lucca Kelly
Anna Heffernan
Georgia Heffernan
Chris Heath
Alex Fitzgerald
Jack Drover
Coach – Gerry Heffernan

Matt Williams
Luke Williams
Cooper Osmond
Henry Pearce
Michael Flynn
Kohen Hackett
Coach – Dave Osmond

Adam McDonald
Peter Lush
Aiden Benson
Kalliam Alloway
Nicholas Prowse
Hunter Dalley
Coach – Steve Dalley

Nate Purchase
Jaxon Roach
Peter Doyle
John Doyle
Jacob Wall
Max Rideout
Coach – Mike Doyle

Sophia Brown
Macy Sexton
Raj Sanchetti
Soloman Barrett
Max Dove
Preston Kelly
Coach – Brendan Kelly

Game Schedule

Dec. 28
10:00 – Team Four vs. Team Two
Team Five vs. Team One

10:30 – Team One vs. Team Four
Team Two vs. Team Three

11:00 – Team Three vs. Team One
Team Four vs. Team Five

Dec. 30
10:30 – Team Five vs. Team Three
Team One vs. Team Two

11:00 – Team Two vs. Team Five
Team Three vs. Team Four

5:30 – Championship Game!! Top Two Teams Advance!!