Here are the times for this weekends U15 Recreational program skates. After this week we hope to assign players to teams. If your name is not posted here please contact the office by e-mail at to be added to the list.

Saturday Oct.24 – 3:00-4:30
Sunday Oct.25 – 3:15-4:45

Aidan Douglas
Aiden Noftall
Liam King
Oliver Manning
Matthew Kane
Gavin Kearley
Andrew Squires
Jake Holden
Jake Parsons
Ben Matthews
Albert Matthews
Ryan Coffin
Anakin Noordhof
Ethan Clarke
Ewan Kennedy
Brady Coombs
Mathieu Nossereau
Rainer House
Matias Beresford
Ethan Brace
Josh Kelly
Leif Poole
Milan Blaser
Rilynne Oliver
Sam Beckett
Eric Butt
Daniel MacMillan
Ben Rowe
Kameron Harris
Declan Flanagan
Theo Noseworthy
Hunter Lambert
Michael Healey
Peter Whelan
Tyler Hayley
Griffin McGrath
Lochlan Colbert