Here are the teams and times for the Avalon Celtics U-15 Try Outs. Jerseys will be provided to all players at the arena and must be worn for the duration of the try out. Players must attend all assigned sessions and there will not be any changes to switch groups or teams entertained. If a player cannot attend due to medical or unforeseen reasons please contact Steve Power to advise same.

Goaltenders will play for both teams each game. Switch at the halfway point of each game.

Team A
Harrison Hiscock
Aiden Boland-Cashin
Leif Poole
Jake Holden
Theo Noseworthy
Connor Kelly
Seb Milord
Evan Boland
Jacob Brockerville
Owen McGrath
Oliver Manning
Matthew Kane
Jack Lewis
Tory Horwood

Team B
Aiden Douglas
Eric Butt
Nathan Ollerhead
Brady Coombs
Connor Sullivan
Ben Matthews
Albert Matthews
Sam White
Malcolm Husic
Aiden Noftall
Lucan Meade
Elliott Peters
Tyler Hayley
Sam Pearce

Team C

Alex Roberts
Luke McGrath
Josh Kelly
Jesse Vinicombe
Nick Dalton
Jake Parsons
Dylan Levandier
Michael Healey
Andrew Squires
Leo Avery
Nick Pine
Liam King
Ethan Power
Peter Whelan

Wednesday Oct.14
4:30 – A vs. C

Friday Oct.16
8:00 – B vs. C

Saturday Oct.17
2:00 – A vs. B

Sunday Oct.18
5:15 – B vs. C

Monday Oct.19
4:30 – A vs. C
7:30 – A vs. B