Here are the teams and times for the Avalon Celtics U-13 Try Outs. Jerseys will be provided to all players at the arena and must be worn for the duration of the try out. The skills session is 1.5 hrs while all scrimmages will be one hour. Players must attend all assigned sessions and there will not be any changes to switch groups or teams entertained. If a player cannot attend due to medical or unforeseen reasons pease contact Steve Power to advise same.

Tuesday Oct.13 – Skills Session @ 4:30
Wednesday Oct.14 @ 7:30
Thursday Oct.15 @ 7:00
Friday Oct.16 @ 6:30

Please note for the scrimmages on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday goaltenders are advised to follow the goalie rotation schedule posted below!! All goaltenders should attend the skills session on Oct.13.

Team One
Alex Fitzgerald
Coles Jackman
Peter Lush
Zach Bourgeois
Claire Colford
Avajane Seymour
Luke Walsh
Daniel Patey
Finley McGrath
Isaac Whalen
Raj Sancheti
Grant Bennett
Michael Kane
Jack Thoms

Team Two
Matthew Earle
Kaleb Yetman
Tanner Newman
Leah Quinlan
Max Dove
Gabriel Shik
Andrew Pearcey
Seth Hyde
Josh Adams
Liam Hedderson
Ben McKenna
Henry Pearce
James Parmiter
Alex McGrath
Luke Holden

Wednesday Oct.14 – 7:30
1st Period
Team 1 – Jack Drover
Team 2 – Preston Kelly
2nd Period
Team 1 – Max Rideout
Team 2 – Luke Pearcey
3rd Period
Team 1 – Nathan Lake
Team 2 – Hunter Dalley

Thursday Oct.15 – 7:00
1st Period
Team 1 – Kohen Hackett
Team 2 – Jack Drover
2nd Period
Team 1 – Preston Kelly
Team 2 – Max Rideout
3rd Period
Team 1 – Luke Pearcey
Team 2 – Nathan Lake

Friday Oct.16 – 6:30
1st Period
Team 1 – Hunter Dalley
Team 2 – Kohen Hackett

Goaltenders will be advised of the last two periods rotation on this night. All goaltenders trying out will appear in the third game at some point!!