Here are the times and groups for this years Avalon Celtics Fall Chill Sessions at the Feildian Gardens.  Please review and abide by these guidelines;


  • Players are reminded to come to the arena no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled session
  • Players need to follow directional arrows at the arena for the dressing room assignments
  • Only one parent per player can attend as a spectator
  • Players must come to their assigned times – requests to have or switch groups cannot be entertained
  • All sessions are 1 hour with the exception of the U-11 @ 1.5 hrs

U-9 – Group One

Wednesday Oct.7 – 6:30 PM
Sat. Oct. 10 – 9:15 AM
Sun. Oct. 11 – 8:00 AM

Hunter Ryan
Nolan Fitzgerald
Jacob Hayley
Andrew Webb
Cale Loucka
Liam Patey
Clark Hierlihy
Carly Greene
Cameron Currie
Bryden Stanley
Samuel O’Neil
Ryan Gill
Benjamin Fahey
Andrew Johnston
Gavin Bean
Collon Smith
Bridgett Smith
George Follett
Charlie Follett
Blake Chaytor
Carter Cunningham
Brady Mackey

U-9 Group Two

Thurs. Oct.8 – 5:30 PM
Sat. Oct. 10 – 7:45 AM
Sun Oct. 11 – 9:30 AM

William Bursey
Alexander Dove
Zachary Caddigan
Ryan Carew
Connor Greene
Thomas Misik
Norah Wheeler
Amelia Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong
Ben Collins
Thomas Fagan
Marcus Davidson
Andrew Whelan
James Barrett
Ella Roche
Ally Roche
Jessie O’Neil
Patrick Doyle
Elliott Montbourquette
Corey Branton
Thomas Anderson
Oisin Griffiths
William Lewis

U-11 Group One

Monday Oct.5 – 7:30 PM (1.5 hr session)
Tuesday Oct.6 – 4:00 PM (1.5 hr session)

Andy Milord
Gabriel Colbert
Johnathan Czarnuch
Nathaniel Czarnuch
Liam Donovan
Joshua Boland
Logan Lake
Kaden Maloney
Cooper Day
EJ Rogers
Avaiah Churchill Seaward
Jack Tilley
Thomas Webb
Nathaniel Bezanson
Skyler Hawco
Patrick Stanford
Aiden Smith
Blake Smith
Henry Collingwood
Myles McFadyen
James Tobin
Duncan Coldwell
Joey Binetti
Ryan Pearcey
Brady Noordhof
Maxim Kean
James Johnston
Jakob Bartlett
Gavin Walsh
James Walsh

U-11 Group Two

Monday Oct.5 – 4:00 PM (1.5 hr session)
Tuesday Oct.6 – 6:00 PM (1.5 hr session)

Jack Bursey
Liam Genge
Nathan Cahill
Cale Mackay
Zachary Crawford
Joel Roberts
Tom Clarke
Isaac Bain
Harrison Martin
William Dove
Megan McKenna
Oscar Lank
Simon Hubley
Hank Parker Charles
Luke Piccott
Jack Wheeler
Ben Earle
Nicholas Lynch
Spencer Davis
Graeme Tessier
Xavier Montbourquette
Nathan Stanley
Timothy Carnell
Alexander Yang
Davis Koren
Gracie Talbot
Riley Hefferan
Spencer Hannon
Charlie Doyle
Anna Seymour

U-13 Group One

Wed. Oct.7 – 5:00 PM
Fri. Oct. 9 – 6:30 PM
Sat.Oct.10 – 10:45 AM

Henry Pearson
Josh Adams
Liam Hedderson
Jack Coady
Adam McDonald
Nathan Lake
Patrick Avery
Adrienne Shannahan
Matthew Kane
Max Dove
Hunter Dalley
Alex Fitzgerald
Ben McKenna
Claire Colford
Luke Walsh
Matthew Earle
Georgia Heffernan
Anna Heffernan
Macy Sexton
Ava Jane Seymour
Kohen Picket-Hackett
Coles Jackman
Eloise Lush
Peter Lush
Sophia Brown

U-13 Group Two

Thurs. Oct.8 – 7:00 PM
Fri.Oct.9 – 8:00 PM
Sat. Oct.10 – 12:15 PM

Zach Bourgeois
Preston Kelly
Raj Sancheti
Chris Heath
Grant Clarke
Luke Holden
Seth Hyde
George Parmiter
Aiden Benson
Grant Bennett
Jack Drover
Soloman Barrett
Nathaniel Purchase
Jaxon Roach
Luke Williams
Matt Williams
Andrew Pearcey
Nichlas WInters
Henry Pearce
Peter Doyle
John Doyle
Luke Pearcey
Kyle Dobbin
Finley McGrath
Cooper Osmond
Kaleb Yetman

U-15 Group

Wed. Oct.7 – 8:00 PM
Sat. Oct.10 – 1:45 PM
Sun. Oct.11 – 3:30 PM

Aiden Boland-Cashin
Josh Kelly
Lochlan Colbert
Luke McGrath
Daniel Macmillan
Peter Whelan
Connor Kelly
Harrison Hiscock
Jake Parsons
Nick Dalton
Eric Butt (U15)
Aidan Noftall
Michael Healey
Andrew Squires
Ethan Brace
Rilynne Oliver
Anakin Noordhof
Lucan Meade
Nick Pine
Jake Holden
Milan Blaser
Ben Rowe
Leif Poole
Theo Noseworthy
Hunter Lambert
Matias Beresford

U-15/18 Group

Fri. Oct. 9 – 5:00 PM
Sat.Oct.10 – 3:15 PM
Sun.Oct.11 – 5:00 PM

Seb Milord
Nathan Ollerhead
Alex Roberts
Ben Roberts
Jacob Brockerville
Tyler Hayley
Griffin McGrath
Connor Sullivan
Luke Sullivan
Jesse Vinicombe
Sam Chaulk
Zach Adams
Eric Butt (U18)
Noah Chaytor
Carter Stratton
Ryan Critch
Ben Barnes
Jacob Skinner
Josh Meade
Carrie Milks
Matthew Kane
Liam King
Sam White
Owen McGrath
Oliver Manning

If you have signed up for Fall Chill but your name is not listed please contact the office at