AMHA Registration Notes – September 23 2020

AMHA is pleased to provide this update on our ongoing registration process.  As everyone can appreciate, the 2020-21 season will be like no other.  AMHA is committed to delivering a quality product on the ice that will deliver player development, teamwork, and fun!  We also appreciate that, due to the delays caused by evolving public health protocols, timelines have been pushed back and some details and information remain pending while we continue to register players.  Our message is simple and clear: AMHA ensures all members that by registering with us, we will deliver the program hours and weeks as detailed in our Registration support document.

Initial Deadline – September 30

We are entering a very unique season and will be implementing some necessary changes to our registration process and policies as a result.  Online registration has been ongoing since September 10 and AMHA thanks everyone who has completed the 2020-21 registration process.  We have set a date of September 30 as our initial deadline for registration (please see exceptions re: U18 below).  For player registration received by September 30, we will ensure a spot is available in your respective division.  Online registration will continue beyond September 30, but spaces in our programs will be subject to availability.


Don Johnson Hockey League Registration

A Return to Hockey Plan was submitted and approved for the Don Johnson Hockey league (DJHL).  The DJHL offers a draft style, pooled hockey league for competitive U13 and U15 players within the Eastern (Metro) Zone of Hockey NL.  For this season, the tryout process has been modified and any AMHA players interested in this league should read the registration information in the News section of to determine eligibility.  Second year, returning players in U13 / U15 (ie. player played in the DJHL in 2019-20 and returning to same division) are eligible to play in the league without trying out, but still have to register online.  Deadline to register with DJHL is September 24 and we encourage you to read and understand the registration information.  Players that try out for DJHL and are not successful, will be accommodated in AMHA programs past our September 30 deadline.


Representative / “All Star” Leagues

AMHA and the other Associations in Eastern Zone are actively working on a structure for Representative / “All Star” leagues as in past seasons – ie. U11 A/B, U13 B, U15 B teams that, in a normal year, participate in an inter-association / Club league administered by the DJHL.  At the time of this News post, we are unable to confirm details of the status of these leagues, but we will share additional details as soon as they are confirmed.


Interlocking House League (IHL)

Similar to the above, AMHA and the Eastern Zone Associations are actively working on a structure for the Interlocking House League (IHL).  AMHA is confident this league will be offered this season and additional details will be shared as they are confirmed.


U18 Registration

Similar to other aspects of this season and our Return to Hockey plans, U18 leagues remain as a ‘Work In Progress’ status as of the time of this News post.  AMHA is actively working with the related groups and HNL to confirm plans for this division.  For U18 players only, the September 30 deadline will not apply and players who have already registered, we can assure you that you will have a game of hockey this season!  For players who await further information, we will share the updates as they are confirmed and maintain an open registration process in the meantime.


Learn To Play / U9 Registration

AMHA encourages all members intending to play in LTP and U9 to register as soon as possible and prior to September 30.  Early registration is key for AMHA to organize and plan for the various groups and ice times.  LTP and U9 are the important divisions where young players get introduced to the game.  Growth of our Association depends on healthy numbers of players joining the sport in LTP / U9.  We encourage all members to promote the sport and our Association as a great winter activity and spread the word to your neighbors and social circles to grow our Club!


Please direct any questions regarding registration to Steve Power, Technical Director,  See you at our new home rink real soon!