Dear fellow #CelticsHockeyNation members,

On August 19 AMHA launched an important fundraising initiative known as Power Play 50/50.  Our online, province-wide lottery will run to December 11 2020 with a main jackpot prize draw on December 18 2020. We have an Early Bird prize with a sales cut-off date of September 28 2020 and a draw date of October 5 2020.

We are requesting your help to make our lottery a huge success and grow to see future draws. Here’s how you can contribute;

  1. Buy your 50/50 tickets today! Visit and choose your bundle of $10, $25, or $50
  2. Twitter users: Visit our recent Tweet and like and RT to your followers
  3. Facebook users: Visit our post and share with your FB friends
  4. Connect with 10+ contacts outside the Nation to spread the news of the lottery and how easy it is to ‘Power Play’ and support our Association – anyone with an NL address can play!

If everyone in #CelticsHockeyNation pitches in our lottery will be a big success!  Our process is exclusively online or telephone….  so nobody has to touch tickets or sell anything directly.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to seeing everyone in our rink real soon!

Mark Sexton, President
Avalon Minor Hockey Association