The following players have signed up to take part in this years All NL tournament and be considered for the Avalon Celtics Midget A and B teams. The Midget A team will play in a body checking division in the All NL Midget A division. There will be a try out session this week and further evaluation will take place during Celtics in house games and IHL action. The teams will be announced before the end of January.

The session for the try out this weekend is Friday Jan.3 at 8:00 PM at the Yetman Arena. We realize many players are away with various school tournaments and that is no issue. As stated earlier the are other opportunities for evaluations.

Andrew Caddigan

Jacob Kirby

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick

Finbar Browne

Seamus Goodyer

Carrie Milks

Ben Barnes

Joe Malone

Marc Quigley

Daniel Dolomount

Sam Power

JS Cook

Sebastian Cook

Michael Mallay

Cameron Cumby

Dakota Summers

Luke Sullivan

Jacob Skinner

Noah Whitten

Luke Connors

Ciaran Holmes

AJ Joyce

Ben Roberts

Keegan Crane

Noel Vinicombe

Carter Stratton

Mark Johnson

Nick Smith

Liam Picco

Sam Chaulk

Ryan Holwell

Samson Argentino

Josh Cooke

Jeff King

Braden Adams

Sam Ledrew

Finley Manning

Dawson Durdle

James Godsell

Stephen Colford

Jack Melendy

Josh Meade

John O’Brien

Jack Hudson