Here are the teams for this weekends Avalon Celtics Peewee House League. These teams will play each other and final teams will be posted next week. The goal of the Avalon Celtics is that teams are balanced as much as possible. Please remember that there may be changes to these rosters for the season. Final rosters will be posted next week.

The IHL season will begin next weekend and team practices will also begin. The practice times for Avalon Celtics Peewee teams will be 3:00 on Saturdays. Home game times will be either 10:00 or 11:00 for the most part on Sundays. AMHA cannot verify times for IHL road games in the various arenas. Final Avalon Celtics Peewee rosters will be posted next Wednesday evening.

Saturday October 19

2:00 – Team One vs. Two

Monday October 21

6:00 – Team One vs. Two

Team One

Albert Matthews 

Benjamin Matthews 

Gavin Matthews 

Gavin Kearley 

Hunter Lambert 

Tanner Newman 

AJ Green 

Dominic Rees 

Kameron Harris 

Milan Blaser 

Grant Clarke 

Hunter Blundell  

Liam Griffiths

Sam Beckett

Hudson Wight

Jack Drover

Team Two

Dash Collins 

Seth Hyde 

AvaJane Seymour 

Rilynne Oliver 

Declan Flanagan 

Ewan Kennedy

Oliver Igloliorte 

Nikolas Zahariadis

Zach Bourgeois 

Isaac Whalen 

Ethan Brace

Brady Coombs 

Brayden Furlong 

Christopher Heath 

Peter Lush 

Ryan Coffin

Sophia Brown

Hunter Dalley