Please see below the practice groups and schedule for the 2019/2020 Avalon Celtics Squirt/Novice Program. Please check for your child’s name and plan to attend the appropriate sessions. The groups will practice on Saturday and Sunday for this weekend (October 19-20).

Please keep in mind that these are practice groups only, and they are independent of team selections. Players have been evaluated and recommended for practice groups that best match their skills and abilities for this hockey semester (Semester 1 occurs before the Christmas break, and, Semester 2 will be after the break). A change in practice group assignment may be suggested as players’ skills develop through the season. We try to ensure that practice groups create the best experience and suit the development of each child individually.

Requests to accommodate particular practice times are considered; however we do ask you as parents and guardians to think about the best long-term benefit for your developing player when making requests to join a particular practice group.

Starting next weekend (October 26_27) practices will be held on Saturdays at the Bussey Arena. Games will be played on Sunday at the St.Bon’s Forum. The team rosters and schedules for games will be posted next week!!

Practice Group Sweden – Saturdays – 9:00-10:05 – Sunday (this week only) – 11:00

Davis Koren
Nathan Stanley
William Hickey
Nolan Fitzgerald
Liam Genge
Thomas Clarke
Simon Hubley
Ronan Leonard
Hunter Ryan
Jack Wheeler
Ryan Pickett
Liam Patey
Charlie Doyle
Oscar Lank
Jack Bursey
Reece Jackman
Graeme Tessier
Nicholas Lynch

Spencer Hannon
Riley Heffernan
Jacob McDonald
Samuel O’Neil
Luke Piccott
Jacob Hayley
Zachary Crawford
Ben Renouf
Hank Parker Charles

William Dove

Nathan Cahill

Practice Group Russia – Saturdays – 10:05-11:10 Sunday(this week only) – 10:00

Benjamin Earle
Tim Carnell
Patrick Tizzard
Andrew Webb
Fintan Warren
Seamus Griffiths
Carly Greene
Isaac Bain
Isaac Lush
Norah Wheeler
Alexander Yang
James Johnston
Brady Noordhof
Spencer Davis
Cameron Lake
Charlie Follett
Cale Mackay
William Lewis
Ryan Gill

Benjamin Fahey
Neve Long
William Metcalfe
Andrew Johnston

Gracie Talbot

Cameron Currie

Practice Group Canada – Saturdays 11:20-12:25 – Sunday (this week only) 9:00

Blake Chaytor
Jacob Bartlett
Sam Schwartz
Maxim Kean
James McCarthy
William Bursey
Bryn Martinec
Jax Lawlor
Joel Roberts
Taylor Wight
Xavier Montbourquette
Calum MacDonald
Rex McGuire
Jacob Armstrong
Cale Loucka
Eleanor Reynolds
Alexandria Blackie
Clark Hierlihy
Ella Roche

Simon Martino
Andrew Whelan
James Barrett
Jack Morrison
Archie Reynolds
Elliott Montbourquette
Juliet Squires-Sturge
Lydia Squires-Sturge
Thomas Misik
Bryden Stanley

Zoey McEvoy
Graellyn Alloway
Masoud Ahmad
Will Renouf
Corey Branton
Huzayfa Almilli
Benjamin McGrath
Logan George
Xander Dove