Here are the groups and times for this weekends Avalon Celtics Midget House League Evaluations.

We will use these sessions to evaluate players and then place them on teams for the following week.

All players will be placed on a team.

All sessions below will be held at Yetmans Arena, 45 Bonaventure Avenue


Midget Group One
Saturday Oct.12 @ 7:00 PM

Alex Kingsley

Alex Taylor

Will Taylor

Ben Barnes

Ben Moret-Rideout

Ben Roberts

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick

Brendan Prowse

Joe Malone

Carrie Milks

Carter Stratton

Colton Critch

Dawson Durdle

Eli Dunphy

Finley Manning

Jack Hudson

Jacob Kirby

Jacob Skinner

James Godsell

Sam Chaulk

Keegan Crane

Ethan Knight

Ciaran Holmes

Midget Group Two
Monday Oct.14 @ 5:00 PM

Mark Johnson

Nick Smith

Michael Carter

Michael Mallay

Nathan Nanayakkara

Noah Collins

Noah Whitten

Noel Vinicombe

Ryan Critch

Ryan Holwell

Sam Hong

Sam Ledrew

Samson Argentino

Stephen Colford

Lucas Lee

Luke Sullivan

Marc Quigley

Johnathan O’Brien

Josh Meade

Liam French

Dakota Summers

Dawson Durdle

Next Wednesday we will publish the teams for this season and times for next weekend. Please note the teams will be subject to change for balancing. We cannot accommodate player requests to play with one another although we will try to honour them if possible!!