Here are the groups and times for this weekend’s Avalon Celtics Bantam House League Evaluations.  We will use these sessions to evaluate players and then place them on teams for the following week.  All players will be placed on a team.

We are looking for Goaltenders for this group!!

Please spread the word to anyone that may be interested!!

All sessions below will be held at Yetmans Arena, 45 Bonaventure Avenue


Group One v. Group Two – Monday, October 14 @ 6:00 PM



Group One – Saturday, October 12 @ 5:00 PM

Anakin Noordhof

Ben Rowe

Connor Pearce

Danny Macmillan

Eric Butt

Ethan Clarke

Griffin McGrath

Jack Brace

Jake Parsons

Jager Holden

Jonathan Whitten

Josh Kelly

Kevin Jarvis

Leif Poole

Liam Davis

Liam King


Group Two – Saturday, October 12 @ 4:00 PM

Mathieu Nossereau

Matias Beresford

Matthew Kane

Matthew Aylward

Nathan Ollerhead

Nick Dalton

Noah Chaytor

Owen McGrath

Peter Whelan

Rama Ladu

Sam White

Sarah Gardner

Sebastian Milord

Tyler Hayley

Daniel Warren

Next Wednesday we will publish the teams for this season and times for next weekend. Please note the teams will be subject to change for balancing. We cannot accommodate player requests to play with one another although we will try to honour them if possible!!