Here are the groups and times for this weekend’s Avalon Celtics Atom House League Evaluations.

We will use these sessions to evaluate players and then place them on teams for the following week.  All players will be placed on a team.  The players will have a practice on Friday evening and then play two games over the course of Saturday and Sunday. The players will be given a jersey to wear on Friday for the weekend. The colour of the jerseys determines what game times you will play on the weekend.

Saturday Oct.12 – 3:00 – White vs. Blue
Saturday Oct. 12 – 6:00 – Gold vs. White
Sunday Oct. 13 – 2:00 – Blue vs. Gold

Gavin Walsh
George Parmiter
Georgia Heffernan
Henry Pearce
Eloise Lush
Anna Heffernan
Caitlin Long
Cameron Butt
Ciara Griffiths
Sara Quinlan
Joshua Adams
Kalliam Alloway
Liam Hedderson
Logan Lake
Luke Williams
Macy Sexton

Caden Maloney

Patrick Stanford
Raj Sancheti
Ryan Pearcey
Skyler Hawco
Soloman Barrett
Cooper Osmond
Duncan Coldwell
EJ Rogers
Gabriel Colbert
Jack Coady
Jack Tilley
Jacob Wall
Avaiah Churchill
Jaxon Roach
Andy Milord
Gabriel Shik
Aiden Smith

Preston Kelly

John Doyle
Peter Doyle
Nathaniel Czarnuch
Johnathan Czarnuch
Matt Williams
Myles McFadyen
Nathaniel Purchase
Thomas Webb
Xavier Greene
Adam McDonald
Aidan Benson
James Tobin
James Walsh
Gavin O’Brien
Nicholas Hounsell
Nicholas Prowse

Kohen Pickett-Hackett