Here are the groups and times for the final Avalon Celtics Atom All Star Try Out evaluations.

Players have been selected to continue in either the ‘A’ Pool or ‘B’ Pool for try outs.

Any players name not listed will be placed into the Atom Recreational groups next weekend.

Goaltenders should still attend both groups!

Atom ‘A’ Pool – Saturday 2:30 and Sunday 11:00

Atom A Pool Team Gold

Patrick Avery
Nate Bezanson
Matthew Earle
Michael Kane
Finlay McGrath
Anna Seymour
Adam Gardner
Aaron Whitten
Grant Bennett
Daniel Patey

Atom A Pool Team Blue

Adrienne Shannahan
Claire Colford
Ben Mckenna
Cooper Day
Alex Fitzgerald
Luke Walsh
Kaleb Yetman
Nick Winters
Henry Pearson
Luke Holden

Atom B Pool – Saturday – 4:00 & Sunday – 2:00

Atom B Pool Team White

Aiden Goodyer
Anna Thoms
Henry Collingwood
George Parmiter
Max Dove
Josh Boland
Andy Milord
Coles Jackman
Liam Hedderson
John Doyle

Atom B Pool Team Blue

Blake Smith
Liam Donovan
Gavin Walsh
Myles McFayden
EJ Rogers
Joey Binetti
Patrick Stanford
Thomas Webb
Gabriel Shik
James Tobin


Thank you very much to all the players for their hard work and efforts so far!!

Best of luck the rest of the way and cheers to a great season!!