All players and parents registered for the Avalon Celtics Recreational hockey program are advised of the important information below in regards to start dates for this year’s season….

All Avalon Celtics teams from Squirt/Novice up to Midget will begin the weekend of Oct.11 – 13.

The Learn to Play division will begin on Saturday October 19th. Parents of the Learn to Play Program will be contacted by email to advise of an information session sometime the week prior to the start date.

Lists of evaluation groups and times will be posted for the Squirt/Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions will be posted on this website by October 10th. These will be the groups and times for the first weekend of play.

After this weekend players will be evaluated and placed on teams (and practice groups for the Squirt/Novice division) for the season, and these teams will be posted on the website by Wednesday Oct. 17. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee any requests for players to play with each other and teams posted at this time might have to be adjusted for balancing purposes!!

The schedule for the Squirt/Novice practice groups and team games will be posted on the Celtics website for the first few weeks of the program as well. The remainder of the schedule will soon follow at least until the Christmas break.

The schedule for the Atom,Peewee,Bantam practices will be posted on the Celtics website for the first few weeks as well. The game schedule for these teams will be posted on the IHL (Interlocking House League) website at

For the Midget divisions IHL games (Sundays for the most part) will be scheduled on the IHL website but in house games will be scheduled on the Celtics website. (Saturdays for the most part)

Thank you for your interest in #celticshockeynation!! We are looking forward to another fantastic season of friends, fun and hockey!! If you have any questions feel free to contact our Technical Director/Administrator, Steve Power, at